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Trends in CRM

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within and outside the firm.  Wikis are gaining momentum.



Usability Improvements

AJAX, emphasis on processes rather than data, various areas targeted to how people within that department think and work




… with 3rd party systems, in-house systems



Development Platform

Salesforce’s APEX.. great idea.. can they pull it off?




Among others within the SMB market where IT and training resources are scarce or not available but also increasingly in the largest enterprises - especially those where

the buy is emotional (retail) or the buy-in (financial services) is emotional



Social Networking

…especially for service industries, referrals and networking are at the heart of their marketing strategies

19jan2007 - "The Social Networking Convergence With CRM"



Customer Centricity

Customer should really be in charge of who sees their information and what kind of goods and services they are in the market for


Prosumer Behaviors

The inculcation of consumer behaviors into professional environments; the importance of style as a choice when choosing products and services



As a customer, enterprise or any entity participating in a process anytime, anywhere.


Advocacy Metrics

Going beyond just the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to create richer metrics for measuring advocacy (2008-2009)


Enterprise 2.0

More and more companies looking at the use of wikis, podcasts, blogs, and communiities behind and through the firewall (2008)


"Relationship" definition expands

Expansion of the R=Relationship to encompass beyond Company <> Customer Relationship and into Customer <> Customer and Customer <> Partner <> Company relationship


Social Relationship Management #SRM

Just in the last few days (Sep/09) a lot of talk about SRM (Social Relationship Management. An early trend but a trend.

Brian Solis, author of "Putting the Public Back in Public Relations" said take the C out of SCRM.

Also see a very first definition at socialrelationshipmanager.com 


SaaS and Cloud Computing

New delivery platforms allow smaller companies to compete with the big ones by not having to make large investments for license and onsite-Hardware.

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