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This wiki is here to gather the most forward thinking minds in the CRM and CEM (for the lack of better terms) communities to come up with a community created definition of CRM 2.0 (aka Social CRM) - with the purpose of providing a service to the CRM/Customer experience communities themselves and the customers and companies who have historically spent inordinate time trying to extract some definition of either CRM or CEM or where each fits in the pantheon of the other.


Social, economic, political environments all participate in driving change, and of course all contributed to CRM 2.0. Never before, methinks, has the external environment been one where we are pushed so hard by an external tsunami, as we are today. That wave- $$! Never before have customers and suppliers, buyers and sellers, external and internal drivers, suffered such a wind of change. I'm astounded that there isn't a broader effort to focus on "how to talk to customers in financial terms" within our definition of 2.0. In today's environment, economics-personal, environmental, cost-to-serve from a suppliers POV, are all at the forefront of decision making. Well, let me restate that-SHOULD BE-because somewhere in every cracking synapse of a decision made, the economic impact of that decision is a driver as never before. Maybe it's part of "value", but maybe so distinct in today's and our future world to warrant a different view. Tough to define a hierarchy of what's most important in a definition, but tough to leave out this obvious top of mind issue.


"Classic" CRM is no longer viable - a one dimensional corporate interaction that provides processes, services and technology to the customer facing departments - sales, marketing and customer service. It is time to recognize that there is a customer ecosystem (or is there, participants?) that provides empowered customers who are increasingly interested in making their own choices in how they interact with companies that they do business with. That means that not only does the company need to provide the goods and services, but the tools and culture to make the experience of that customer one of paramount and unparalleled value to that customer and thus to the company in return.


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The Way This Works

First, each invited member of this wiki is expected to contribute something to the discussion. The idea is to come out with a definition of CRM 2.0 that will be pretty much universally accepted by the CRM community and a repository of data, documents, videos, audio and other sources of knowledge that will support the discussion and definition. Hopefully this will remain a repository for all that and there will be serious participation in this thing. If not, its our own fault if the same confusion that existed during the era of CRM 1.0 remains. 


So lets get to work.  And enjoy this ride. 


There are multiple pages to add to or create a page of your own if you're a contributor. If just reading, then travel around the various libraries and feel free to read or watch or hear the different sources of knowledge and discussion.


Wanna see the pages? Click on the "Click Here" button below and view what's available. An FAQ will be along in a few days to explain how to use this wiki


Consider this a call to thought and action that will lead to successful relationships between you and your customers; or, if you're a customer, between you and the companies that you've chosen to do business with.



Have a great time!


ANNOUNCEMENT!! 3/27/2008

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