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CRM 2 Random Thinking Forum

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Axel said

at 6:34 pm on Sep 30, 2008


Customer Relationship Management will experience the same overhaul as the Internet experienced when the Social Web was emerged. What was that change:
From viewing pages to actual collaboration
From pushing information to user contributed content
From a "Buy my product" tonality to "Co-Creation".

What does that mean for CRM 2.0?
It requires a change:
from a sales people control system to a business empowerment tool
from an internal information aggregation system to an open business ecosystem contribution system
from a one sided sales administration tool to a customer integrated environment

So CRM 2.0 won't come from SFDC, Oracle, Microsoft or any of the software companies who:
- Built software that is architected for a company
- Built software that is used as a one sided tool for information
- Built software that is based on IT people's requirements
- Built software that has it's foundations in the client server world
- Built software that cost thousands or millions of Dollars
- Built software that is sold to purchase departments

Instead CRM 2.0 (not sure this is the right term anyway) will be introduced through companies that:
- Build solutions for the greater aspect of customer seller interaction
- Build software that is social (meaning multi directional people relations)
- Build software that comes as an instantly available service
- Build software that doesn't need to fit any existing sales organizations or marketing messages
- Build software that is architected as limitless connectible network
- Build software that is based on requirements from all constituencies of a respective ecosystem
- Built software on fundamentally new technologies like genetic computing to handle mega tons of profiling information
- Built software that can be profitably sold at a few dollars

Please see part 2 of my CRM 2010 Vision.

Axel said

at 6:35 pm on Sep 30, 2008

CRM Vision 2010 - Part 2

CRM 1.1
I guess there will be CRM 1.0 for centuries to come - no need for major changes other than the typical upgrades like any ERP or SCM application would need. So the customer administration functions will remain in CRM 1.0 with just a few enhancements. I guess all those data aggregation, update, reporting and analytics tools will most likely evolve but stay in the same CRM paradigm. It's for data junkies and control freaks - not for customer facing sales people. And like in so many companies today - most of the CRM users will be sales administration people - not sales men or women. So let's call it CRM 1.1

CRM 2.0 (Still don't like the term)
Is a socially integrated system, method and behavior. Working with customers, prospects and alliance partners in the social web. Leveraging crowded places like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many others and also creating individually branded communities like Xeequa as their "home in the social web". Interactions range from introductions, pulling in known resources to help customers and prospects, getting people together, providing educational videos, being present in forums, helping with connections and become the social "guardian angel" in a business community. This new sales person does everything but .... sell. An old saying: "The best sales people in the world never sold a thing" is becoming reality not only for the small group of sales elite but for sales in general.

SIS or "Socially Integrated Sales" is my vision for 2010.

Axel Schultze

Scott Rogers said

at 7:07 am on Oct 1, 2008

Axel - I agree with your dislike of the term CRM 2.0, and like the "Scoially Integrated" portion of SIS. To me, the whole issue revolves around control. CRM as a term implies that I am in control of the relationship - I manage it. That's a mindset that is going to take a lot to change. The customer is in control is frightening to most businesses - it equates to chaos. Most businesses don't know how to act when the old paradigm doesn't work. Even those businesses that have made the leap into 2.0, too often talk in terms of control - I make the decision on what to provide, how can I monetize this, where is the ROI.
I see this, not as a tidal wave, but a riptide, pulling us (businesses) in. As those involved in defining the vision of CRM 2.0, or whatever it is, we need to provide clarity to the chaos - where is the balance between company control and customer control that will let business leaders know where they are heading.
Scott Rogers

Axel said

at 2:04 pm on Oct 1, 2008

Excellent point Scott. I take this as an inspiration not only to elaborate on the change, which is relatively easy to manage for small companies but need some more detailed concepts for larger corporations. Some of this is available in white papers we wrote - but there is a lot more to do. Thanks again.

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