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CRM 2 Multimedia Viewing "Room" -- Okay, Page

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Come on in, sit down, pull up a chair and take a look at some of the best YouTube and Slideshare presentations or listen to the podcasts that will help us define what CRM 2.0 should be. This is categorize and add the link to the location of the embedded presentation. Try not to upload the presentation. It will take up the limited space we have (2 GB) and won't be as pretty as an attachment.  Please write a brief description of what this is so the other members of the CRM 2.0 Community can love it as much as you do.


First Explanatory CRM 2.0 Slideshow


What The Hell Is Crm 2.0?
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: web 2.0 crm 2.0)





Companies that Seem to Be Getting the Messaging  

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This Cisco commercial shows that at least their ad agency gets it if not them.


Though it DOES look like they do too.


"Form Follows Emotion"

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"Aesthetic creativity is as vital & indicative of economic & social progress, as technological innovation" - The Substance of Style, Virginia Postrel



Marketing for the 21st Century



Web 2.0 No Nonsense


An excellent look at the research and concepts going on around Web 2.0 - from Slideshare.net and entirely relevant to CRM 2.0.


Web 2.0 In Five Minutes






This is a great look at Web 2.0 that is technologically meaningful.


Interview with featuring Microsoft's GM of Dynamics CRM Brad Wilson discussing Live CRM



Roundtable Discussion featuring 1to1's Ginger Conlon, CRM magazine's Marshall Lager and AMR's Rob Bois




 Interview with Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail

As host of Technology for Business Sake, a radio program heard on 1160AM in Atlanta and simulcast on the web, me and my co-host Michael Thomas had the opportunity to interview Chris Anderson, who in addition to being editor-in-chief of Wired magazine is also author of the best selling The Long Tail:  The Future of Business is Selling More of Less.  He had some really interesting things to say throughout the 30 minute interview, that may be of interest to the group.  Use the below to check it out:




The Road To CRM 2.0

A presentation I gave at Telecoms CRM & Retention conference in Amsterdam, March 2008

Pretty basic stuff, gave that talk to telco execs who are actively interested in pushing their CRM forward and wondering what Web 2.0 toolkit can do for them.


(Guido Oswald) A good example of a company that differentiates through CRM 2.0 (they really seem to listen to their customers) is Zappos

The company is pretty unknown here in Europe but this video explains their values and strategy:


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