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CRM 2 Links of Interest

Page history last edited by Paul Greenberg 16 years ago

This page is for you to provide links of interest to articles, blogs, podcasts, etc. that aren't uploaded to the wiki. Please try to group them in both the medium they are in and please create a subcategory within the medium. . I've stuck a few things up to start this rolling. Use the format as a template.


Hey, if you don't do it, I will so don't let me run away with this one. All of us have things we've read, seen or heard that are germane. Lets create a repository here.




The blog links are NOT the RSS feeds, but are the links to the blog site. You can subscribe if you care to by doing so at the site.

Web 2.0

TechCrunch Easily the jefe and 800 lb gorilla site for all things Web 2.0. Michael Arrington, the owner of the blog, makes and breaks Web 2.0 technology products, services and companies. Well worth the daily read. By


Read/Write/Web One of the smartest strategic blogs when it comes to Web 2.0 technology and easily one of the most interesting and popular - though under the radar to the CRM community


Office2.0 Product Reviews - By Dan Itkis.  Taking a closer look at the Office2.0 products that have potential to change the way we work in the next 10 years.




CRM 2.0

PGreenblog - The blog focus is (ultimately) the links between the CRM and customer experience communities that have to be forged to create CRM 2.0.



BeagleBlog - Denis Pombriant's blog is centered around the new economics and the CRM vendor community with Denis' unique, insights. He is the man who identified salesforce.com on demand model as a "disruptive innovation."



The Social Customer - The blog's focus is on the new breed of customer and specifically what they demand and how they demand it. His insights are both smart and cool.




The New Enterprise

Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog - run by Dion Hinchcliffe of ZDNet. A great resource for  a look at the effect of  technologies like the social media, and on demand services on the traditional and new larger enterprise.






CRM 2.0 Wiki Kickoff Blog Entry


PGreenblog entry entitled "Firing the First (Hi-Tech Customer Collaborative) Cannon"


CRM 2.0


CRM 2.0 - by Denis Pombriant 1/10/2007 in CRMBuyer Another awesome article by DP on why CRM 2.0 is a necessary transition. I'd recommend it to anyone within earshot.


CRM 2.0 - A Loyalty Marketing Benefit of Web 2.0 by Vladimir Dimitroff in The Wise Marketer 12/7/2006 - This has some very useful insights and a good comparative chart between CRM 1.0 & 2.0, though I wouldn't call CRM 2.0 a "loyalty marketing benefit"


Why "CRM" Must Die For Customer-Centric Business To Thrive - by Bob Thompson on the CRMGuru Blog 1/22/2007 (yes, that's the date) - This is the take on how CRM is being transformed and what has to happen from one of the smartest and most respected of CRM gurus - in fact, the founder of CRMGuru and CustomerThink. Well worth reading for his iconoclastic perspective.  "...if we can't all agree on what "CRM" is, we don't have a fighting chance of being successful..."



CRM 1.0




Google: "define: customer relationship management" Some real winners in here...




On SAP, real CRM, Nils by Mouth, and Metaphors driving a software culture - "...SFA can help you win a new customer, but it does little to sustain a relationship over time, and that’s the only CRM that matters..."


Origins & Early Thinking 



Usenet 2000:  "Future Challenges For PR?" and "customer relationship management for business customers" - "...It's important to note that this is NOT A NEW CONCEPT! Many adults grew up in an era where there were still small, local stores with shopkeepers who knew everyone in town by name..."Harvard Business School Toolkit - Lifetime Customer Value Calculator - "...The HBS Toolkit Lifetime Customer Value Calculator tool is designed to let the user estimate the cost of acquiring a customer and the Net Present Value (NPV) of that customer's business during his useful economic life..."  Yikes.

Ask the CRM Expert: What are CRM's Origins? - "..some might say..."


Social Bookmarking


Enterprise Social Bookmarking - The use of social bookmarking and repositories for the tags - all in all, this is called a dogear. This is an article that appeared in ACM Queue magazine two years ago on the subject and seems to be a genuinely authoritative one.



Enterprise 2.0


Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration by Andrew McAfee from MIT Sloan Management School - This is the archetype of all the articles on the IT side of Enterprise 2.0 and collaboration tools. Well worth the price for the PDF


Vendors CRM 2.0 Emergence


Oracle Previews Fusion, Web 2.0 Apps (SearchCRM November 14, 2007) - These are the first steps by Oracle toward CRM 2.0 in a comprehensive way and it was (and is) impressive.


SAP Seeks to Shed "Ugly" Label with CRM 2007 (SearchCRM, December 4, 2007)  -  SAP CRM 2007 adds customization and personalization tools and transforms itself to a princess.








ProjectVRM.org -- VRM, or Vendor Relationship Management, is the reciprocal of CRM. It provides customers with tools for engaging with vendors in ways that work for both parties.  CRM systems until now have borne the full burden of relating with customers. VRM will provide customers with the means to bear some of that weight, and to help make markets work for both vendors and customers — in ways that don't require the former to "lock in" the latter.



 Experience on the Edge - Paul Greenberg's CRM 2.0 podcast, runs weekly with segments on CRM 2.0 news, lists that are related (somehow) to CRM 2.0 and a discussion about customer experience via stories, innovations or methodologies that service customer strategies





You'll note that I separately categorized vendor sites. Vendors who are on this wiki (I know there are several) are welcome to list their sites but also make a note on how you're appropriately engaged in what is a CRM 2.0 environment or activity as the note relative to the listing. Sing for your supper.




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