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CRM 2 Documents Library

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CRM 2 Document Library

This page is for documents that you want upload to the center. This will be a repository for documents that you have the right to upload. If you don't please don't. If you want to upload PPTs or videos, please be mindful that there is a 2GB limit to the amount of attachment space we have. If you're able to, use Slideshare, YouTube or Flickr or similar services and then go to the Multimedia page and provide the embedded code to the document or video that you were going to upload. Feel free to add categories that you think would be appropriate. Use the attach files tab in the editor to upload the document. Please enter a description of the document to support the upload. Please try to limit this library to word or PDF files or some other easily readable (and not that storage space consuming) format.


CRM 2.0 General Docs


Social Media / Social Networking

New White Paper:  10 things sales managers need to know about social media



A Web 2.0 Business Primer.doc



Customer Advocacy



Transparency and Authenticity

When it comes to true transparency and authenticity, check out this: http://www.ceaseadvertising.com

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