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Community News and Announcements

Page history last edited by Paul Greenberg 17 years, 2 months ago

his page is for community news and announcements. Please double click on the specific date on the calendar to enter whatever relevant announcement you might have including your personal or corporate webinars, conferences, seminars, meetings, articles published, white papers produced, or even events that you just know about. etc.  But please make them only announcements etc. relevant to the topic at hand. To view the information about the date, just hover that little cursor of yours over the text in the date box and it will shine forth in its fullest glory .


If you have something that you want to announce that's not date specific, simply do it under the calendar space beneath the header "Announcements"  with some appropriate attribution (meaning you wrote it): So for example, I'm going to write in that there will be a FAQ done so that people will be able to get a handle on this wiki but I don't have a clue as to when I'm going to finish the first draft of it - because its kind of a manual and I'm learning too. So it'll be under the calendar of events. Not in it. See what I mean (Paul G.)





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There will be a FAQ for this wiki delivered sometime in the next several weeks on how to use it to the fullest extent - a manual of sorts. Any suggestions of what might be included would be welcomed. (Paul G.)


Chris Carfi of Cerado has given us a social network using Haystack, the tool that his company produces. Please sign up if you get the chance. There are two good reasons for this. First, you have direct contact with the social network that comprises this wiki. It is an exchange of people, not only ideas. Second, it will give you experience using a social networking tool - one that will show you how it can impact (and will impact, IMHO) CRM 2.0. So look over to the sidebar and join the CRM 2.0 social network!! (Paul G.)


There has been a change in the page structure that's meaningful so I figured I'd note it here. The page entitled "Knowledgebase" has been removed and all the links that Pete T. put on there are moved to the page called "Links of Interest". From now on the knowledgebase will be housed in the following four pages: Links of Interest, Document Repository, Multimedia, and Ongoing Research.


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