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This wiki is for the CRM community - practitioners, vendors, interested parties, students, academicians and others with a serious interest in CRM are welcome. The purpose of the wiki is to create a definition of CRM 2.0 as its first task. Perhaps it can become the repository for all things CRM 2.0 in the future. We'll see.


To make this successful, we need to make sure that every person with access and every entry that they make is treated


1. Equitably

2. Honestly

3. Without rancor

4. Without bias


That means that no one's corporate or personal agendas will be tolerated if they are recognized, yet differences in thinking will be embraced and debate, discussion and explanation encouraged.

The agendas will be deleted, the differences will be left alone.


Additionally, if you sign up as a member, you are expected to contribute. This should be fun, but the effort to come out of this with a knowledgebase-supported CRM 2.0 definition is no joke. We need to kick off the transformation of CRM now or it will be a moot business science in the not too distant future. Your participation here is expected to make a difference. We're not just hoping it will.



Okay, that's the formal stuff (sorta). If you have comments. Make them here and maybe we can improve this acceptable use policy, too.


Let's create the new CRM and grab the minds of customers and companies everyone.

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